Eccentry Holidays Features Food Finds at Pike Place Market

Enjoy Delicious Food Finds at Pike Place market

Enjoy Delicious Food Finds at Pike Place market

Eccentry Holidays knows that while visiting any area, one of the most exciting things about exploring a new destination is getting to try the delicious food offered in the area. Seattle is home to many delicious restaurants, and one of the best places to find a variety of different foods is the Pike Place Market.

Although known as the original Farmer’s Market, there is much more to this famous place. This area is full of many different delicious restaurants that offer both casual and fine dining, including everything from deli food and sandwiches, all the way to more exquisite international cuisine.

For those who are looking for an interesting twist on traditional Korean cuisine, Chan Seattle offers modern Korean fusion that will both tempt and treat any diner. Classic dishes prepared with western cooking techniques offer a unique perspective, so be sure to try some of the menu’s favorites like fried oysters with kimchi tartar sauce, the spicy pork sliders or the popular tuna tartare.

For those who prefer to stick to the more traditional, stop by DeLaurenti Specialty Food and Wine. Since opening up in 1946, this spot has provided some of the most hard-to-find ingredients from around the world, including over 200 different kinds of cheeses, 1800 different kinds of wine along with a full café and espresso bar.

In fact, the Pike Place Market prides themselves that many of the industry’s rising and established chefs have either started out or choose to continue their careers at the Market. Of course, this gives them easy access to the freshest ingredients to include in their seasonal menus. Eccentry Holidays knows no mouth will be disappointed by a visit to any restaurant found in Pike Place Market.

Eccentry Holidays Brings You the Top Tourist Attractions of Los Angeles

Eccentry Holidays

Eccentry Holidays

Eccentry Holidays members mention that the global city of Los Angeles is commonly known as L.A. and is nicknamed the City of Angels and is world famous for the movie district of Hollywood. With so much to see and visit there is always something to do and see.

Stroll along Venice Beach the home of eccentric and bohemian lifestyles in its skateboarders, body builders and radical pamphleteers to name a few. Eccentry Holidays states that no visit would be complete without a tour of the celebrity homes in Hollywood and Beverley Hills, where star spotting is an exciting part of the trip. And take a walk to the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to spot your favorite star’s hand or foot prints among the 2,400 impressions in the pink terrazzo.

Window shop on the famous Rodeo Drive and glimpse the lavish high-end designer clothing stores or walk along the $200-million European cobbled walkway at Two Rodeo. Enjoy the fantastic art collection in the Getty Center with paintings from the Renaissance through to modern day. The other tourist spots to visit according to Eccentry Holidays include the multi-purpose Huntingdon Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens complex. Where there is an old English Shakespeare garden and a desert garden among other attractions. The Japanese American National Museum has an extensive collection and exhibits related to the history of Japanese Americans. Or explore the fascinating Museum of Jurassic Technology, which is full of over 30 unusual exhibits and objects from the scientific, historic and artistic worlds.

Have a fun day at Disneyland full of Disney favorites for young and old alike and explore the many themed areas, such as Frontierland, New Orleans Square or Mickey’s Toontown. There is also a choice of theaters such as the Bob Baker Marionette Theater and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, which is a comedy club, hosting three or four performances every night remind the members of Eccentry Holidays.

Eccentry Holidays Explores 3 Reasons to Visit Nantucket This Fall

Eccentry Holidays, a leader in luxury travel provisions, knows that as summer comes to a close, many vacationers out there are looking for a destination to beat the sweltering heat and end their favorite season with a bang, or have started thinking what might be fun for fall. This year, travelers should take the time to explore the east coast like never before, on the island of Nantucket. Once the whaling capital of the world, this spot is now home to beautiful beaches on sailboat dotted harbors, picturesque homes and quaint shops lined on cobblestone streets. Here are 3 of our top reasons to visit Nantucket this fall.

1. Shopping: This area is full of unique standalone stores, like Current Vintage, which serves as a hot shopping spot that also doubles as a wine shop. Nantucket Loom offers hand-woven throws that friends and family will be dying to receive as a souvenir of your time spent there, and at Milly & Grace, score some sweet accessories, clothing or perhaps even some new décor for your home.

2. Seafood: This spot is home to some of the freshest seafood around, and many restaurants find surprising new ways to cook up their creations. Waterfront Oyster bar Cru offers diners sophisticated spins on classic dishes, like the house-favorite fish, fluke, which is served up with browned butter and toasted hazelnuts to top it off. For dessert? Pick up something sweet like chocolate covered fruit at Sweet Inspirations.

3. Last but not least, spend time sunning at the beach, or perhaps take a day trip to nearby Cape Cod. Nantucket is home to many opportunities for  fun.

Eccentry Holidays knows that these reasons and more will convince any traveler to try out Nantucket for a fall, or even their end-of-summer vacation. For more information about this and other great travel destinations, please visit

Eccentry Holidays Shares States to Skip When It Comes to Summer Road Trips

There is still time to plan a road trip around the country before the kids have to head back to school and the cool fall season weather hits. Although these destinations are still wonderful places to spend time at, but Eccentry Holidays knows that while road trips are a lot of fun, these states might be better suited for another time of year or style of vacation.  Here are some of the states to skip while planning any upcoming summer road trip.

1. Alaska: Surprisingly enough, Alaska can be considered a somewhat challenging vacation destination. Not only are gas prices high, but gas stations few and far between on the highways. Eccentry Holidays shares that while the scenery is beautiful in this state, it may be better suited for another style of vacation.

2. Arkansas: This state is more spread out, and doesn’t offer too many roadside attractions travelers like to see in order to break up boredom on the road. Surprisingly, traffic can get backed up during the summer months as well, so perhaps another time of year is better to visit the Natural State.

3. Oklahoma: One perk about visiting this area for a road trip is that there are a lot of discounts on travel lodging and gas prices. These discounts are due to being a somewhat less popular destination, and also because there aren’t a lot of attractions available unless visiting the larger cities.

Eccentry Holidays knows that visiting these states is a great way to spend time learning more about American Culture, but perhaps aren’t best suited for road trip vacations.

Eccentry Holidays Suggests a Visit to Florida

As an extremely popular tourist destination that can be visited comfortably year-round, Florida is highly recommended by Eccentry Holidays. Whether soaking up the sun on the beaches of Miami, visiting the many theme parks of Orlando, or adventuring in the swamp lamps to view flora and fauna, Florida is the perfect place to vacation with many options throughout the state.

A vacation in Florida would most certainly not be complete without visiting a beach. Surrounded by seemingly endless miles of coastline, vacationers can easily find a beach to relax or enjoy activities in the water such as sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and swimming. Some beaches are extremely popular places to visit. For those in search of more peace and quiet, there are plenty of beaches that are less crowded and developed.

Eccentry Holidays knows that many travelers come to Florida to visit world famous theme parks visited by thousands, if not millions of people each year. Disneyworld is a wonderful place for the whole family to experience. Movie lovers will appreciate the attractions at Universal Studios Orlando. Exciting roller coasters and the opportunity to view animals up close can be done at Busch Gardens in Tampa. Regardless on the specific destination, Florida offers travelers so much to do that the only challenge is making a decision.

Visitors to Florida will want to return frequently to have a unique experience each time.

Eccentry Holidays Covers Great Ways to Have Fun on Vacation

Even on vacation, Eccentry Holidays knows that some travelers have difficulty finding ways to have fun. This can be remedied in a number of ways. The most direct method while on vacation is to speak with hotel staff or other guests about activities and events. People who are familiar with area should be able to recommend quite a bit of opportunities to have fun while on vacation. Sometimes, having the spirit of adventure with a hint of spontaneity is a great way to discover what is right in front of travel, but can easily be overlooked or not even noticed.

Eccentry Holidays is always concerned about making sure vacationers enjoy every single trip. Although professional staff and friendly people can help facilitate this, it is also up to the traveler to have the right frame of mind on a vacation. Looking at any negatives, regardless of the level, is something that should be put aside. When this is done, travelers will be able to have a more carefree attitude and find the joys that are present around them. Once this is accomplished, the mission of seeking out fun during vacation becomes as natural as breathing.

Leaving behind any stresses and worries at home will help travelers relax and enjoy a vacation. It all starts with a positive frame of mind and grows to be more.

Eccentry Holidays Offers Tips for Making any Vacation Wonderful

Eccentry Holidays understands that all travelers want to make sure that any vacation is the best it can possibly be. Taking the time and money to go away someplace else should carry along a certain degree of expectations. If these expectations are not met, travelers can easily be upset for not having such a great experience. Fortunately, there are ways for the traveler to take an active role in guaranteeing that a vacation is absolutely wonderful.

The first step that can be taken by a traveler is to plan. It might seem like a logical measure, but sometimes people can get carried away in a carefree thought of mind that can produce spontaneity and possible issues that could arise from not being fully prepared. Eccentry Holidays knows that the internet is an extremely useful tool for vacation planning. Travelers can learn more about destinations and what they offer. This can remove much of the confusion that may be present when unfamiliar about certain locations. It is also an effective way to find great deals to save money and have a larger budget during the actual trip. Simply taking the time to research will make all the different for a traveler who wants the best kind of vacation experience that is possible.

Knowledge is power and that power is the perfect way to ensure travelers enjoy any vacation that is taken.

Eccentry Holidays Members Live it up in Las Vegas

Many members of  Eccentry Holidays have already soaked up the atmosphere of Las Vegas, and many are already planning their return.  Whether it’s your first time under the lights of Las Vegas or you’ve visited the city a dozen times, the beauty of Sin City is the fact that it never fails to surprise you.  Is there any destination on the planet that has more to offer than Las Vegas?  Great live entertainment, warm weather and who can forget about the gambling opportunities?
Eccentry Holidays thinks the true beauty of Las Vegas is that no two days are exactly the same.  Sure the activities may be similar, but the experience can never be replicated.  Some of the finest acts preform each and every night in Vegas.  Head out and watch the mesmerizing shows put on by Circque de Soleil, or if music is more your style treat yourselves to box seats to watch Celine Dion preform, and if neither satisfies your entertainment needs you can explore the nightlife which seems to roll twenty-four hours a day year round.
Even in December Las Vegas is warm enough to allow us to simply relax by the pool and let the day slip away while reading a great book.  Or if laying about the pool doesn’t entice you there is always the famous gambling.  Every game on the planet, it seems, is played within the casinos of Vegas: slots, blackjack, poker, even solitaire have everyone holding onto a dream of a big payout.  There have been quite a few Eccentry Holidays members among the big winners in Vegas.
Las Vegas is a wondrous place filled with enough fun waiting to allow even the most entertainment deprived people to overload.  The city lights call out to you, and beg to accommodate even your most obtuse desires.  To put it simply, if Vegas can’t fill your entertainment needs, there is nowhere on the planet that can.

Eccentry Holidays Suggest Tourist to Walk In The Footsteps Of The Original Pirates Of The Caribbean In Barbados

Eccentry Holidays know that the beautiful island of Barbados is a popular holiday destination for the ones who love to enjoy nature and adventure. Whether you travel to Barbados for a luxury holiday or an all-inclusive experience you sure will have a wonderful time walking in the footsteps of the original Pirates of The Caribbean.

Eccentry Holidays are also aware that there are many beautiful things to do and see in Barbados and you can start of by visiting its famous Harrison Caves, an underground cavern with marvelous stalactites and stalagmites. Its active cave system meaning that with each passing year it grows a little more is real mystery in itself. The Baobab Trees, native to Africa can also be found in Barbados these huge trees look as if they are upside down with their roots up in the air.

Eccentry Holidays say that tourists looking for rest and relaxation find the Barbados beaches the best place to relax in. The water sports enthusiastic prefer the rougher waters of the Atlantic and love the north east beaches of Barbados where they can play havoc with the wind and water and enjoy wind and water surfing.

Eccentry Holidays know that Barbados is a small island but booking in adventure safari tours on a 4X 4 wheel is the best way to enjoy the real sights and sound of the areas as you get to see the most intriguing and exciting places. Barbados is a tropical island so pack the most simple cotton, casual clothes that you feel comfortable in and always wear comfortable footwear too so that you can enjoy the explorations and adventure excursions of Barbados.

Eccentry Holidays members find that your Barbados holiday can range from cheap hotels in Barbados to luxury all inclusive deals as it all depends on the type of budget that you are ready to spare. Regardless of the time that you spend in Barbados you sure will not be able to enjoy and explore all its secret coves, beautiful beaches and fabulous nightlife but you sure can have fun trying to.

Eccentry Holidays Members Enjoy the Varied Landscape Of Chile

Eccentry Holidays members know that Chile has an assorted arrangement of landscapes from the bleak moonscape of its Atacama Desert, fertile vineyards, right down to its spectacular glaciers and peaks of Patagonia over miles of coastlines. There are numerous adventure opportunities any traveler can enjoy while visiting Chile.

A visit to the Easter Island of Chile is a must as it is the best preserved area of the Polynesian culture. The island hosts about nine hundred sculptures made from volcanic rocks. Exploring these mysterious statutes of Polynesian ancestors is quite a challenging task. The thrill seekers at Eccentry Holidays can enjoy a cable car ride or hike up the Cerro San Cristobal and enjoy the view of its botanical garden and zoo suggest the members of Eccentry Holidays travel club.

Eccentry Holidays also recommends the family holiday makers to enjoy a picnic at Villarrica National Park as this national park includes the alignment of three different volcanoes in Andes. The landscape is breathtaking and the flora and fauna are diverse. A visit to the El Tatio Geysers will also turn out a lifelong memory because this natural wonder is something that you should not miss out on when holidaying there. This is the third largest geyser of the world and its steam eruptions are quite breathtaking.

Eccentry Holidays is ready to offer you value vacation deals all at affordable prices. Planning and organizing all your daily tours and trips to the best attractions of your holiday destination.

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