Eccentry Holidays —Tips for Saving on Sightseeing Supplies

Eccentry Holidays —Tips for Saving on Sightseeing Supplies

Tips to help you save some extra money

Eccentry Holidays knows that you can save on your various sightseeing supplies by stocking up at your favorite department store at home. You should shop locally instead of doing it at your destination. When you shop locally not only are you supporting the local economy before you leave and spend money elsewhere but you are also getting the prices you are used to seeing. You won’t have to worry about money conversions yet and being ripped off at the store.

When you shop at the destination tourist stores they usually charge more than your local department store. If you simply run out of supplies or you can’t carry enough supplies in your bags Eccentry Holidays recommends you should stop yourself from the temptation of buying at the local tourist stop store and instead you should find their version of the local department store. This will save you money although you will still have to do a money conversion at the store or before you arrive there in your head or on paper.

Eccentry Holidays understands that in this day and age every little bit of money helps that ends up staying in your pockets instead of going elsewhere. The amount of money that you end up saving from this little tip will allow you to try a little diner or place to eat that you have been dying to try out. This will make you happy in the end of your day or you can try the local beverages at a pub there.

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Eccentry Holidays Provides Tips for Airport Security this Holiday Season

Group of people on the airport at an evening

Eccentry Holidays is a leading luxury vacation provider that offers incredible vacation packages at an unbeatable value to its members.

Eccentry Holidays understands that airport travel can sometimes be a hassle. To minimize frustration with airport security, travelers should begin preparing before they even leave the house. These simple steps concerning what to wear and how to pack will help make airport security a breeze.

First, consider wearing slip-on shoes. All passengers will be required to remove their shoes at the airport security checkpoint. Eccentry Holidays encourages travelers to not wear shoes with laces or buckles, and instead consider wearing shoes that slip on and off quickly. This way, travelers shoes can easily be removed and then replaced after the shoes go through the X-Ray machine.

Eccentry Holidays cautions travelers against wrapping holiday gifts ahead of time. Airport security will want to have a look insideof these holiday packages. In order to save the trouble of having to rewrap them, leave gifts unwrapped until arriving at the final destination. Travelers should even consider having them shipped ahead of time. This way, holiday gifts won’t need to be wrapped at the destination.

Finally,Eccentry Holidays advises that travelers leave themselves enough time to check into their flight and get through the security checkpoint. Holidays are the busiest time of the year at the airport. Airport security requires an hour and a half during normal traveling seasons. During the holidays, this time needs to be doubled. Because of this, it is important to leave about three hours to make it through airport security. This will ensure that travelers have plenty of time to get through security,get to the gate and board the plane in a timely manner.

Eccentry Holidays wants all travelers to enjoy their holiday travels. Following these simple tips will ensure that vacationers have less stressful air travel during the holiday season. Members of Eccentry Holidays enjoy the most luxurious vacations at unbeatable prices. Anyone interested in the ultimate in vacation value without having to sacrifice any quality should contact Eccentry Holidays today.

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Eccentry Holidays Highlights an American History Summer Holiday

American Airlines flying travelers across the United States

Eccentry Holidays shares some of the top destinations travelers should visit for historical and cultural connections in America.

Eccentry Holidays, a leading provider of luxury vacation provisions, knows that even though Independence Day has passed, many travelers out there are still thinking about what this famous holiday means to them. Celebrating America does not have to stop on the 4th, since there are many different exciting vacation destinations to explore for all those who want to learn more about the history of the country. Here are some of the top recommendations that anyone who enjoys American history should visit this summer.

1. Washington D.C.: Of course, the nation’s capital offers some of the best historical museums and monuments around. Within the area of less than two miles, the capital city has two of the most famous memorials, Lincoln and Jefferson, along with the Washington Monument, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and more. Not only that, Eccentry Holidays knows there are multiple Smithsonian Institution museums, and the best part is that all of these attractions are free to visit. For those who are looking for an activity-packed vacation that will not break the bank, this is the spot to select.

2. Atlanta, Georgia: Atlanta’s Sweet Auburn neighborhood is one that draws in visitors in the thousands each year because of the famous Civil Rights District. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the world famous African American preacher and civil rights leader was born here, so there is much information that can availableabout his life. Some of the top locations to visit are the home where King was born, the historical Ebeneezer Baptist church where he was baptized and ordained,and his gravesite.

3. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: Battlefield tours might not appeal to all demographics, but this is one tour that most will not want to miss. This is the most visited of the Civil War battlefields in the country. Spend time at the new visitor center, where tourists watch informative films that will educate family and friends about the importance of this time in history. Visitors can drive through the park’s paved roads and see the landscape at Little Top, where 1600 soldiers lost their lives fighting for freedom.

Eccentry Holidays knows that these destinations are jam-packed with opportunities to learn more about America and its history. For more information, please visit


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Eccentry Holidays Highlights a Valentine’s Holiday in Hawaii

Couple taking a selfie while hiking in Hawaii

Eccentry Holidays invites travelers to consider these romantic options for a Valentine’s Day vacation in Hawaii.

Eccentry Holidays is a leading vacation provider, offering travelers from all around the world the experience of a lifetime during any upcoming trip. The staff offers expert opinions and even insight about what some of the top travel destinations for certain types of trips are. During the Valentine’s Day holiday, many travelers are hoping to find a vacation destination that offers a lot of romance to help spice things up with their loved ones. This winter, head to the warm shores of Hawaii to enjoy an amazing vacation that no one will soon forget.

There are always things that are important to know about and be prepared for during a Hawaii trip, and that includes some of the expert activity and scenery recommendations from Eccentry Holidays. Nothing is more romantic than heading to a warm weather exotic island, and Hawaii makes the perfect paradise for couples to explore together. Everyone who visits loves the vibes of the area, which is very laidback and relaxed but very aesthetically beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world await so pop open a bottle of champagne before going on a sunset stroll down the sand near the water for a romantic date night.

Many couples love a shared type of music and the style known as R&B is very smooth, romantic and definitely sexy. During time in Hawaii, travelers will be delighted to find out that one of the most famous groups in the genre, Boyz II Men, will be performing a concert in the area for the ultimate Valentine’s Day date. The band will be performing all of their hit songs like “End of the Road” and “Tell Me It’s Real,” and more. Listening to these hits will be the perfect precursor to a candlelight dinner late at night. The concert will take place at the Neal Blaisdell Theater in Honolulu and tickets are selling fast, so all those interested should purchase in advance.

Eccentry Holidays shares these ideas as some romantic ways to reconnect a pair of partners during a couple’s trip during this holiday. For more Valentine’s Day vacation recommendations or other general travel advice, consider Eccentry Holidays the source.




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Eccentry Holidays Highlights Exciting Festivals During March

Tourists exploring new places and enjoying for the fun filled festivals in March

Eccentry Holidays reviews some of the top vacation destinations around the world that offer a variety of festivals during March.

Eccentry Holidays is a leader in the vacation industry, offering travelers expert tips and advice when it comes to ideas for a wonderful trip. When it comes to all things vacations, the last thing people want to do is sit in a hotel room and be bored during their trip. That’s why planning a visit to any of these destinations is a guarantee for excitement since festivals are like a live, up-close and personal examination of the local culture while also living it up in a party-like atmosphere. Here are some of the best festivals to be at during the month of March.

March is a popular travel month for Mexico, especially because of it being one of the most popular Spring Break destinations for college students from around the country. But there are actually a lot of other events going on during that time of the year, and one of these is known as Noche De Brujas. The loose translation is Night of the Witches, and this festival takes place during the first Friday of March in Catemaco, Mexico. Travelers who gather on the top of the hill will be able to watch the rituals of the night, which include songs, chants or dances on the performance stage, along with a variety of different booths set up with a variety of unique food and some interesting spiritual items and amulets of the sort. This year’s event will take place on March 6th, so start planning now. Hotels in the area get busy since people from all over gather to attend.

For those hoping to visit another popular spring break destination and are looking for that style of atmosphere, all of the party folk will want to head to Miami’s notorious Calle Ocho (aka 8th St) festival. Eccentry Holidays shares that this festival is known for being one of the world’s largest street parties, and thousands gather in the streets to have a good time. This is the last event during the Carnaval Celebrations that go on all throughout the city from the beginning of the month up until Mid-March.

Last but not least, March means one thing to many folks: St. Patrick’s Day. For the ultimate celebration, consider actually visiting Ireland during Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Festival.

The month of March marks many festivals around the world, and there is truly something Eccentry Holidays knows anyone would love to attend.


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Eccentry Holidays Recommends Top Romantic Destinations for Honeymooners in 2015

Newly wed couple holding hands at the beach

Eccentry Holidays, a leader in luxury vacations, is revealing its list of top romantic destinations for honeymooners to enjoy this spring.

When it comes to a couple’s wedding, few things are as exciting as a luxurious and relaxing getaway to a romantic destination. In order to help couples better pick which top location is best to suit their needs, top-rated Eccentry Holidays is revealing this list of popular honeymoon locations.

St. Martin, Caribbean

St. Martin is a mixture of French and Dutch influences. Boasting lavish dining and shopping experiences as well as amazing beaches, this tropical destination is a popular choice for couples looking for romance. Fine dining and exotic excursions and the rainforest are a few of the attractions that draw tourists to this incredible location. Romantic walks on the beach and candle-lit fine dining sets the mood for many great love stories.

Mazatlán, Mexico

Mazatlán is a capitol, Resort town and romantic destination all in one. Thousands of travelers flock to this location each year to enjoy the warm weather, sandy beaches and the friendly locals. Couples find Mazatlan to be filled with romantic opportunities from watching the sunset behind the ocean on the beach to snorkeling in the bay. Mazatlan’s nightlife is sure to entertain with live music and dancing.Eccentry Holidays suggests for members to check out local the musicians performing in any number of Mazatlán’s exciting nightclubs.

 Sanibel, Florida

Few experiences are more romantic than long walks on the beach collecting seashells and watching the sunrise over the Atlantic. Sanibel attracts thousands of visitors each year, partly due to the amount of shells to be found on the beach and the wildlife refuges in the area. This coastal island also offers a variety of museums and theaters for those couples that enjoy learning about culture. Rich in history dating back to 1765, couples will find many historic locations to visit.

Kauai, Hawaii

Known as the “Garden Isle,” Kauai is the ideal place for newlyweds. Kauai is blessed with stunning beaches, amazing sunsets and a wide variety of unbelievable tropical flowers. The island of Kauai offers a diverse landscape that includes waterfalls, cliffs, mountains and, of course, tropical beaches. Eccentry Holidays highly recommends for couples take a romantic helicopter ride to view the canyons or take a zip-line tour over a waterfall. Of course, a trip to Kauai would not be complete without a visit to a secluded tropical swimming hole.

Eccentry Holidays knows that whichever destination honeymooners choose for their romantic getaway, it is sure to be a memorable vacation. For more information about this luxury vacation provider, visit


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Eccentry Holidays Shares Top 2015 Tips for Packing

A Packing List could go a long way if made to plan for your vacation

Eccentry Holidays, a popular vacation provider, announces its best ideas for packing luggage for traveling this year.

As 2015 rolls around, Eccentry Holidays knows that many of its members will be planning vacations throughout the New Year. In an effort to continue providing the best service for its members, this luxury vacation club has compiled these tips to help organize travelers’ belongings.

Knowing the whereabouts of clothing as well as other important items while traveling can help start the trip out right. Eccentry Holidays suggests that its members consider making a list of what they will be packing. Being organized helps eliminate the risk of forgetting the little things like a toothbrush or razors, as well as the important ones such as shoes, documents and more.

Eccentry Holidays understands how unpleasant it can be when toiletries open unexpectedly and leak onto clothes, which can cause frustration and possibly costly cleaning. Bagging shampoos, soaps, cough syrups and other liquids in a zip lock bag and storing them on top of clothing so as not to get squished, will help to lower that risk.

Many travelers have found it helpful to research the area they will be visiting and plan on packing appropriate clothing. It is important to bring enough options to be prepared for any type surprise weather. Knowing the weather forecast ahead of time will also help with the selection process. Eccentry Holidays recommends packing a plastic bag for dirty clothing in order to keep the rest of luggage clean.

Consider keeping valuables and important documents separate from main luggage on the off chance that it gets lost or stolen. Many travel stores and even department stores carry waist packs that can be easily strapped to the body for those more important pieces. Eccentry Holidays is always striving to meet its member’s needs and knows that sometimes, the smallest details can make the difference between a successful trip and one that can cause frustration.

Finally, by using the same list used when packing for the trip, ensure that everything makes it back home at the end of the trip. For more information about this luxury vacation provider as well as other useful travel tips, contact Eccentry Holidays today.

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Eccentry Holidays Members Enjoy The Rugged Side Of Sedona

Excursion to Sedona with Eccentry Holidays

Excursion to Sedona with Eccentry Holidays

Eccentry Holidays members advise tourists to get ready for the ride of their life while holidaying in Red Rock city of Sedona. And if they want to enjoy an outdoor adventure then they sure can see the rugged side of Sedona and book on a Jeep Tour and enjoying a day in the West. You sure will love the experience of seeing Sedona on horseback and also feel like the Western movie Icons that ride the rugged western landscape.

Eccentry Holidays guests rumble through the heart of Sedona abroad the famous Verde Canyon Railway which is Arizona’s longest running natural show that twists through the wilderness and is home to the Bald eagles, Javelins and countless other animal species. Every season that you holiday in Sedona it presents a new reason to ride aboard this train. Tourist can also enjoy the first class ride on its vintage train with the panoramic window view and transport their r imagination to run wild.

Tourists are drawn to the beautiful beaches of Sedona and also love to enjoy its outdoor diversions like golfing and fishing as whatever you experience on your vacation it will be truly unforgettable. Tourist savor up the flame cooked Chicken and its Baby Back Ribs at the Chuckwagon Dinner and are wild about Sedona’s traditional cuisines. Travelers interested will enjoy stepping back in time when they book on the Verde Valley Tours because they will come to know how the agricultural town of Sedona became a top notch tourist destination. They will get a chance to enjoy the Native American culture at its Montezuma Castle.

Eccentry Holidays mentions that Sedona is loaded with natural beauty as you can spend a week there walking along Oaks Creek, and hiking along its natural trails without any artificial entrainment. Hundreds of tourists that visit Sedona are awed by its breathtaking landscapes and the majestic Red Rocks of the area that are said to inspire the wandering tourist artistically and spiritually.

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Eccentry Holidays Offers Best Tips for Traveling with Pets

Best tips to travel with pets

Best tips to travel with pets

Eccentry Holidays members know that planning family trips can be quite stressful, and when it comes to traveling with your pets, the stress of traveling can become overwhelming. You need to make sure that your pet is safe and secure during the entire trip. By planning and making arrangements in advance, your pets will be prepared to travel and you will enjoy your travel experience without any unforeseen complications.

Eccentry Holidays advises tourists to take their pets for a veterinary check-up at least ten days before they plan to travel. They need to ask for a medical certificate as proof that their pets are healthy enough to travel and have received the required vaccinations. You also need to buy a leash, food carrier, dog bed, medications and a water bowl. Packing your pet’s favorite food and toy will also help to make your travel experience more relaxing as these items will keep your pet occupied and happy. You need to buy a pet carrier size that is approved by the USDA rules and regulations. You also need to mark the pet carrier with the words “Live Animal” and identify the carrier’s upright position. Close the carriers, but do not lock them, so that the airport personnel can handle things if any emergency situation arises.

Eccentry Holidays also recommends tourists to put an identifying tag on their pets in case their pets lose their way. When traveling with your pets, it is best to try and book direct flights, as booking on a non-stop flight helps to reduce travel stress on pets. On the day you plan to fly, you should make sure that your pet gets plenty of exercise and eats a small meal so that he will feel tried during the flight and may sleep most of the time. You should also avoid arriving early at the airport, as the hustle and bustle of the airport may frighten your dog or cat.

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Eccentry Holidays Shares Airport Travel “Hacks” For Vacationers

Woman waiting at the airport

Elegant female using tablet at the airport with Eccentry Holidays tips

Eccentry Holidays knows that taking flights requires a lot of steps and procedures that aren’t always considered before arriving to the airport. It’s not always easy to plan for a trek through the airport, especially since there are so many rules that have to be followed, and the shortcuts that some people know about don’t always come to mind for others.

If you want a few tricks that’ll help for the airport, here are just a few shared by Eccentry Holidays that’ll make that part of the trip much easier.

Try using vacuum sealers to pack clothes into a carry-on sized bag. Some complications can come from trying to check in a bag, and with that comes worrying about how much it weighs, and that could open a whole can of worms that no one wants to deal with. Trying to fit what you need in a carry-on bag (just make sure the liquid items are in 3 ounce containers) will eliminate some steps in the airport, and can even save you some money.

Bring empty water bottles through security instead of buying water beforehand. Since liquids in more than 3 ounce containers can’t go through security, it would be pointless to try and bring water to the airport. Bringing an empty one will allow you to go through security and still get some water without paying the ridiculous prices at the airport.

Need the wifi in the airport, but can’t figure out the passwords? Look up forums online (such as Foursquare) to find the password. Eccentry Holidays believes that chances are that people have found them out beforehand, and will relay the message to the online community, making the data rates while you’re at the airport much cheaper.

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