Eccentry Holidays Shares Some Street Safety Tips For Travelers

Eccentry Holidays advice you to take precautions while traveling.

Eccentry Holidays advice you to take precautions while traveling.

Eccentry Holidays says to take precautions to while traveling and minimize danger on the streets. Don’t forget to breathe in panicking situations and use the same common sense traveling overseas that you would at home.

Be especially cautious in areas where you may be more easily victimized. These include crowded subways, train stations, elevators, tourist sites, market places, festivals and crime-ridden neighborhoods. Eccentry Holidays shares the following precautions so that you are safe.

  • Don’t use short cuts, narrow alleys or poorly lit streets.
  • Try not to travel alone at night.
  • Avoid public demonstrations and other civil disturbances.
  • Keep a low profile and avoid loud conversations or arguments.
  • Do not discuss travel plans or other personal matters with strangers.
  • Avoid scam artists by being wary of strangers who approach you and offer to be your guide or sell you something at bargain prices.
  • Beware of pickpockets. They often have an accomplice who will: jostle you, ask you for directions or the time, point to something spilled on your clothing, Or distract you by creating a disturbance.
  • Beware of groups of vagrant children who could create a distraction to pick your pocket.
  • Wear the shoulder strap of your bag across your chest and walk with the bag away from the curb to avoid drive-by purse-snatchers.
  • Try to seem purposeful when you move about. Even if you are lost, act as if you know where you are going. Try to ask for directions only from individuals in authority.
  • Know how to use a pay telephone and have the proper change or token on hand.
  • Learn a few phrases in the local language or have them handy in written form so that you can signal your need for police or medical help.
  • Make a note of emergency telephone numbers you may need: police, fire, your hotel, and the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.
  • If you are confronted, don’t fight back — give up your valuables.

Eccentry Holidays All-Inclusive Vacations Let You Travel Stress Free

Eccentry Holidays offer affordable luxuries.

Eccentry Holidays offer affordable luxuries.

Eccentry Holidays is well aware that all-inclusive vacations are more appealing for some families with a specific budget, and a specific goal regarding vacationing. Your all-inclusive package will include a round trip airfare from your departure destination to your accommodating hotel with all meals and deals included.

The all-inclusive holiday packages also offer you a little extra such as a Safari tour and on-sight recreation. So in fact, it really means that once you reach your destination you do not need to spend a penny unless you go outside of your resort to buy souvenirs.  A great benefit of the all-inclusive is your budget stays in check, however the largest benefit is the comfort of having everything handled and not needing to lift a finger.

Eccentry Holidays members adore the all-inclusive vacation for its fabulous dining options, special privileges and many water recreational facilities. The best thing is that all these activities are included and part of the all-inclusive deal.

Eccentry Holidays also recommends visitors book into all inclusive packages when they plan to holiday at Walt Disney World as there are many privileges attached, especially when you are the guests of  Disney Resorts. Guests can visit its different themed water parks and even enjoy the free Shuttle Service back and forth between its different attractions. This helps to the visitors to relax and not have to plan out these details, and just enjoy the wonders of Disney Resorts.

The Disney Resorts all-inclusive packages offer activities for all age groups accordingly. All inclusive packages are available in many different locations; families can enjoy Skiing in the snow-covered Rockies or enjoy a trip to a Dude ranch in Arizona. No matter what type of holiday experience you want to enjoy you sure can find all-inclusive packages that makes everyone in your family happy.

Dream Vacations in Costa Rica with Eccentry Holidays

Eccentry Holidays love the idea of bird watching.

Eccentry Holidays love the idea of bird watching.

Eccentry Holidays recommends you to come play, dine, shop, relax and explore what Costa Rica has to offer you.  Eccentry Holidays has wonderful accommodations and picturesque spots for you to visit.  So bring your camera and let Eccentry Holidays customize your dream trip for you.

A day at the beach may suit your fancy or visiting the rain forests and viewing the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica.  Perhaps some excitement for you would be fishing along the shorelines or for a quick adrenaline rush visit Costa Rica zip-lines and touring through the lush green rain forests.

Eccentry Holidays states that bird watching is so spectacular and viewing some of the animals present in Costa Rica can be fun for everyone. Take a break to dine and shop while enjoying your local destination or take a day trip and experience one of the many beautiful beaches and if you’re a surfer or just want to try something new Costa Rica has some of the best surfing beaches available.  Escape to the vacation adventure that you’ve been dreaming of and enjoy the amenities and accommodations of Eccentry Holidays have for you and let them design your next getaway as there is always plenty to do and they can provide it for you.


Eccentry Holidays’s Tips For Staying Cool While You Travel

Don’t forget to take your sunscreen lotions while heading to the beach

Don’t forget to take your sunscreen lotions while heading to the beach

Summer is one of the hottest times for vacationing. The kids are out of school and the family wants to do something together to celebrate so they head to amusement parks or go on road trips. The summer is also the best time for something else though, and that is heat. Eccentry Holidays wants travelers to enjoy themselves while they are on vacation, so they have provided these tips to help travelers stay cool and shaded even while adventuring in the summer heat:

Always have water: Not drinking enough water in the heat is dangerous, so make sure to keep your body hydrated and bring water wherever you go. Most theme parks and attractions will allow you to bring your own water in as long as the cap is secure when you enter, so bring your own water whenever you can so that you do not have to pay for overpriced water once you are inside.

Sunscreen is essential: Nothing kills a vacation like a bad sunburn. Make sure that you and your traveling companions, especially kids, apply sunscreen regularly to avoid burns. Eccentry Holidays also reminds you that you can get sunburned even when it is cloudy or if you are underwater, so wear sunscreen whenever you go out in the day.

Dress for the heat: Wear clothes that are in styles and fabrics that will help you keep cool and comfortable, and bring a hat and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and keep you cooler. Even such a simple step will help you stay cool in the summer.

Eccentry Holidays wants vacationers and their families to enjoy their summer vacations and reminds them all that with just these few tips they can stay cool while they do so.

Eccentry Holidays Visits Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano

From the beaches to the volcanoes there is always something to see in Costa Rica.

From the beaches to the volcanoes there is always something to see in Costa Rica.

Eccentry Holidays wants each and every traveler to have the experience of a lifetime this fall. Although this busy time of year usually means children heading back to school and less time to take off, it’s important to find opportunities to take time away from the stress of the day to day. For all those out there who want to take a fall holiday to an exciting vacation destination, look no further than the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica.

There are, of course, plenty of places to relax while spending time in this country. But this vacation shouldn’t be merely spent at the beach. There are also a lot of other gorgeous natural sights that every traveler should take time to visit. And for those who are looking for a twist on the normal, be sure to stop by one of the most exciting sights to see: the Arenal Volcano.

This massive world wonder stands more than 5,000 feet above the ground, and is known to be one of the world’s most active volcanoes. In fact, admirers used to travel to the base to catch the sight of the glowing rocks rolling by. The volcano hasn’t had any activity since 2010, but travelers can still head to the Arenal Observatory Lodge for a tour. This offers the ideal viewing spot along the northern side of the volcano, and tours start off at very affordable prices. Eccentry Holidays knows that this site and the many others available in Costa Rica will make your next vacation experience perfect.

Why You Should Take More Cruises Revealed by Eccentry Holidays

We often look straight to road tripping or flying when it comes to making way to our destinations. But what you might not realize is that there’s a way to travel while being able to do all sorts of activities! Cruises are a great way to visit many destinations, especially if you’re a traveler who enjoys the ocean shares Eccentry Holidays. Though they can be pretty pricey, cruises are a great way to travel because of just how much they have to offer.

  1. The food is all a part of your ticket, even the several buffets that cruises offer. Any time you’re hungry while on this over-sized ship, you can feel free to stop at one of the buffets for a delicious meal at no additional charge. Certain drinks might be an additional cost (especially alcohol) but everything else is already paid for. Often times, this includes a five-star, three course dinner every night of the cruise. It’s a foodie’s paradise!
  2. There are several activities to do while on the cruise. Whether you book one for just a few days or for a week, there are plenty of attractions on the cruise that will keep you entertained between the different island destinations. On the top deck, there are usually several pools and water slides, and there are several shows you can see after your decadent dinner. There’s something for everyone!
  3. Cruises can expose you to several new, exotic locations. If you opt for a week long cruise, it can include visiting up to 5 different islands, all that you may not have ever heard of! It’s a great way to explore areas of the globe that you may not have heard of, but will appreciate because of your choice to take a cruise.

Eccentry Holidays Features Food Finds at Pike Place Market

Enjoy Delicious Food Finds at Pike Place market

Enjoy Delicious Food Finds at Pike Place market

Eccentry Holidays knows that while visiting any area, one of the most exciting things about exploring a new destination is getting to try the delicious food offered in the area. Seattle is home to many delicious restaurants, and one of the best places to find a variety of different foods is the Pike Place Market.

Although known as the original Farmer’s Market, there is much more to this famous place. This area is full of many different delicious restaurants that offer both casual and fine dining, including everything from deli food and sandwiches, all the way to more exquisite international cuisine.

For those who are looking for an interesting twist on traditional Korean cuisine, Chan Seattle offers modern Korean fusion that will both tempt and treat any diner. Classic dishes prepared with western cooking techniques offer a unique perspective, so be sure to try some of the menu’s favorites like fried oysters with kimchi tartar sauce, the spicy pork sliders or the popular tuna tartare.

For those who prefer to stick to the more traditional, stop by DeLaurenti Specialty Food and Wine. Since opening up in 1946, this spot has provided some of the most hard-to-find ingredients from around the world, including over 200 different kinds of cheeses, 1800 different kinds of wine along with a full café and espresso bar.

In fact, the Pike Place Market prides themselves that many of the industry’s rising and established chefs have either started out or choose to continue their careers at the Market. Of course, this gives them easy access to the freshest ingredients to include in their seasonal menus. Eccentry Holidays knows no mouth will be disappointed by a visit to any restaurant found in Pike Place Market.

Eccentry Holidays Brings You the Top Tourist Attractions of Los Angeles

Eccentry Holidays

Eccentry Holidays

Eccentry Holidays members mention that the global city of Los Angeles is commonly known as L.A. and is nicknamed the City of Angels and is world famous for the movie district of Hollywood. With so much to see and visit there is always something to do and see.

Stroll along Venice Beach the home of eccentric and bohemian lifestyles in its skateboarders, body builders and radical pamphleteers to name a few. Eccentry Holidays states that no visit would be complete without a tour of the celebrity homes in Hollywood and Beverley Hills, where star spotting is an exciting part of the trip. And take a walk to the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to spot your favorite star’s hand or foot prints among the 2,400 impressions in the pink terrazzo.

Window shop on the famous Rodeo Drive and glimpse the lavish high-end designer clothing stores or walk along the $200-million European cobbled walkway at Two Rodeo. Enjoy the fantastic art collection in the Getty Center with paintings from the Renaissance through to modern day. The other tourist spots to visit according to Eccentry Holidays include the multi-purpose Huntingdon Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens complex. Where there is an old English Shakespeare garden and a desert garden among other attractions. The Japanese American National Museum has an extensive collection and exhibits related to the history of Japanese Americans. Or explore the fascinating Museum of Jurassic Technology, which is full of over 30 unusual exhibits and objects from the scientific, historic and artistic worlds.

Have a fun day at Disneyland full of Disney favorites for young and old alike and explore the many themed areas, such as Frontierland, New Orleans Square or Mickey’s Toontown. There is also a choice of theaters such as the Bob Baker Marionette Theater and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, which is a comedy club, hosting three or four performances every night remind the members of Eccentry Holidays.

Eccentry Holidays Explores 3 Reasons to Visit Nantucket This Fall

Eccentry Holidays, a leader in luxury travel provisions, knows that as summer comes to a close, many vacationers out there are looking for a destination to beat the sweltering heat and end their favorite season with a bang, or have started thinking what might be fun for fall. This year, travelers should take the time to explore the east coast like never before, on the island of Nantucket. Once the whaling capital of the world, this spot is now home to beautiful beaches on sailboat dotted harbors, picturesque homes and quaint shops lined on cobblestone streets. Here are 3 of our top reasons to visit Nantucket this fall.

1. Shopping: This area is full of unique standalone stores, like Current Vintage, which serves as a hot shopping spot that also doubles as a wine shop. Nantucket Loom offers hand-woven throws that friends and family will be dying to receive as a souvenir of your time spent there, and at Milly & Grace, score some sweet accessories, clothing or perhaps even some new décor for your home.

2. Seafood: This spot is home to some of the freshest seafood around, and many restaurants find surprising new ways to cook up their creations. Waterfront Oyster bar Cru offers diners sophisticated spins on classic dishes, like the house-favorite fish, fluke, which is served up with browned butter and toasted hazelnuts to top it off. For dessert? Pick up something sweet like chocolate covered fruit at Sweet Inspirations.

3. Last but not least, spend time sunning at the beach, or perhaps take a day trip to nearby Cape Cod. Nantucket is home to many opportunities for  fun.

Eccentry Holidays knows that these reasons and more will convince any traveler to try out Nantucket for a fall, or even their end-of-summer vacation. For more information about this and other great travel destinations, please visit

Eccentry Holidays Shares States to Skip When It Comes to Summer Road Trips

There is still time to plan a road trip around the country before the kids have to head back to school and the cool fall season weather hits. Although these destinations are still wonderful places to spend time at, but Eccentry Holidays knows that while road trips are a lot of fun, these states might be better suited for another time of year or style of vacation.  Here are some of the states to skip while planning any upcoming summer road trip.

1. Alaska: Surprisingly enough, Alaska can be considered a somewhat challenging vacation destination. Not only are gas prices high, but gas stations few and far between on the highways. Eccentry Holidays shares that while the scenery is beautiful in this state, it may be better suited for another style of vacation.

2. Arkansas: This state is more spread out, and doesn’t offer too many roadside attractions travelers like to see in order to break up boredom on the road. Surprisingly, traffic can get backed up during the summer months as well, so perhaps another time of year is better to visit the Natural State.

3. Oklahoma: One perk about visiting this area for a road trip is that there are a lot of discounts on travel lodging and gas prices. These discounts are due to being a somewhat less popular destination, and also because there aren’t a lot of attractions available unless visiting the larger cities.

Eccentry Holidays knows that visiting these states is a great way to spend time learning more about American Culture, but perhaps aren’t best suited for road trip vacations.

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